Discover Hidden Gems: Swimwear Brands Worth Exploring

While major swimwear brands dominate the market, there are also hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These lesser-known brands offer unique qualities and distinctive features that may appeal to swimmers seeking something different from the mainstream options. In this post, we will introduce you to a few swimwear brands that deserve your attention. Explore these brands to find swimwear that aligns with your individuality and specific needs in the water.


Jolyn is a swimwear brand that has gained a dedicated following among female athletes and swimmers. Known for its durable and performance-oriented swimwear, Jolyn offers a range of one-piece swimsuits, two-piece sets, and training suits. The brand’s swimwear is designed with functionality and style in mind, utilizing high-quality materials that provide excellent chlorine resistance, stretch, and shape retention. Jolyn is loved for its unique cuts, vibrant colors, and fun prints, making it an ideal choice for swimmers looking to stand out from the crowd.


ROKA is a relatively newer brand that has quickly gained recognition for its innovation and attention to detail. While primarily known for its triathlon gear, ROKA also offers a line of swimwear designed for competitive swimmers and open water enthusiasts. ROKA’s swimwear incorporates advanced technologies, such as compressive fabrics, strategic seam placements, and hydrophobic coatings, to enhance performance and reduce drag. With a focus on performance and quality, ROKA is a brand to consider for swimmers who prioritize cutting-edge features and top-notch construction.


Dolfin is a long-standing swimwear brand that often flies under the radar but has a loyal following within the swimming community. The brand offers a wide range of swimwear options, including one-piece suits, briefs, jammers, and more. Dolfin is known for its affordability without compromising on quality. Their swimwear is crafted using durable materials that provide excellent chlorine resistance and UV protection. Dolfin caters to swimmers of all ages and abilities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and functional swimwear at an accessible price point.


Blueseventy is a brand that specializes in performance swimwear for open water swimming and triathlon events. While not as widely recognized in the traditional pool swimming realm, Blue Seventy excels in providing high-quality wetsuits, swimskins, and race suits for athletes who venture into open water challenges. The brand’s swimwear is designed to optimize buoyancy, reduce drag, and enhance overall performance in challenging conditions. For swimmers looking to conquer open water swims or triathlons, Blue Seventy offers specialized gear tailored to those specific demands.


Aquasphere focuses on producing swimwear and equipment for swimmers of all levels, from recreational enthusiasts to competitive athletes. The brand places an emphasis on comfort, durability, and functionality. Aqua Sphere’s swimwear features innovative materials that provide chlorine resistance, shape retention, and UV protection. They also offer a variety of swim goggles, swim caps, and training accessories, making Aqua Sphere a go-to brand for comprehensive swimming needs.

Why Consider These Brands:

  1. Unique Designs: These brands often offer distinct designs and prints that stand out from mainstream options, allowing you to express your personal style and individuality.
  2. Niche Expertise: Some brands specialize in specific swimming disciplines or cater to unique needs, providing specialized gear that meets the demands of particular swimming environments or events.
  3. Attention to Detail: These smaller brands often prioritize attention to detail, focusing on innovative features, materials, and construction techniques that enhance performance and comfort.
  4. Affordability: In some cases, these brands offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making them appealing options for budget-conscious swimmers.

Refreshing Alternative

While major swimwear brands dominate the market, lesser-known brands offer a refreshing alternative for swimmers seeking unique designs, specialized features, and excellent value for their money. Brands like Jolyn, ROKA, Dolfin, Blue Seventy, and Aqua Sphere bring distinct qualities and innovative approaches to swimwear, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of swimmers worldwide.

Consider exploring these hidden gems to discover swimwear that aligns with your style, performance goals, and specific swimming requirements. Embrace the opportunity to stand out, experience exceptional quality, and dive into greatness with swimwear from these remarkable brands.

At Professional Swimwear, we believe in offering a wide range of swimwear options from both major brands and hidden gems, ensuring you have access to a diverse selection that suits your unique preferences and needs. Dive into excellence and explore the possibilities with swimwear from Professional Swimwear – your ultimate destination for top-quality swimwear that meets your individuality.

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